Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shijun Munns artwork published in Arts Magazine

I would like to share that my artwork was selected to be published in "Atlanta Show Guide---Holiday 2012 edition! Link to my art page in the magazine:
  A Joy of Art: 
Shijun Munns art journey
Shijun cares about everything that could touch off an old days feeling: ancient poetry with implied meaning, ancient pottery with rough and simple design, flying faeries on the ancient Silk Road. Indeed, Shijun seems to look back into space-time while her paintings spring forward into our time to bring us images of deep and profound souls glimmering in soft, golden light. In Shijun's art it is impossible to discern the real from the imagined or the ancient from what is now.
It may be that Shijun's quiet life and gentle heart have enabled her to express dreams and emotions lost or hidden to the rest of mankind. She brings forth vivid images of life that draw us deep into thought and wonder and into a realm where we ourselves become lost in worlds full of bright color and soft light.
Shijun is blessed with an artist's eye and a poet's heart. Whether painting in oil or traditional Chinese painting, she is forever delighted by the results which seem to spring from a deep and ancient well that forms her artist's palette. Her muse gives her a love for oriental simplicity of form.
Shijun was born and raised in Foshan, an old town in the south of China full of history and famous for an active aesthetic nature. She is a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 1987. Shijun is a recipient of numerous awards for her artistic achievements in both painting and art instruction. Shijun has lived in the Atlanta area since early 2003 with her husband and numerous pets. She teaches art classes at Callanwolde Arts Center in Atlanta and at her studio located in Lilburn.
 Shijun's friend and art collector Patty Hutton says, "Thank you for your beautiful images. This world of ours needs people like you who create inspiring art that lifts us up. Your paintings will bring me much joy for years and years to come."

Written by Charles Munns

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