Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Folk Art in the South

 Michael Banks "Two Figures with Balloon"
According to Steve Slotin, "[folk] art is produced by untrained people who draw on their culture and experiences in an isolated world; made with a true, untutored, creative passion.  It's raw, expressive, unconventional, nonconforming, genuine and truly original.  Artistically acclaimed acceptance has caused this art form to blossom."
Clementine Hunter "Hunting for Blackbirds" c. 1960 Oil on canvas
 A Southern folk art and Georgia pottery exhibition now at the Hudgens Center for the Arts in Gwinnett county until May 21, 2011
Self portrait by Howard Finster
Mary Greene "Memories of Mama"
Jimmy Lee Sudduth "Factory"
Face Jugs by Burlon Craig (left) and Michael Andrew Crocker (right)
Annie Wellborn 1998
A collection of works by the historically significant North Georgia Meaders family potters, including Cheever, Arie & Lanier Meaders face jugs
"We Are Folk"

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