Shijun Munns (黄诗筠) 

Shijun was born and raised in Foshan, an old town in the south of China full of history and famous for an active aesthetic nature. Foshan was the foundation for her exceptional talents. She is a graduate of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 1987. Shijun is a recipient of numerous awards for her artistic achievements in both painting and art instruction. With a passion for Art, she looks at the world with an artist's eye and a poet's heart. She is devoted to the creation of art with an eastern spirit of tranquility and harmony wedded with the colorful vitality of western art.

In 2003 Shijun moved to Atlanta where she now lives with her husband and numerous pets, making this incredible city her home.
Shijun is a very rare and powerful artist who possesses the magnificent gift of creating classical art in a modern world. Her art creates a deep emotional connection between objects and human beings via her inspirational ability to illustrate the exceptional beauty of everyday life. Her vast repertoire of artistic techniques conveys this message in so many forms, where the result is simply unforgettable.
Shijun's finely tuned mixed-media techniques encompass numerous art forms: wax, Chinese ink, pencil, oil, acrylic and watercolors. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows across the US, China and Hong Kong. Her paintings are collected all across the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Japan.
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