Friday, December 27, 2019

Cultural Trip to Britain and France 2019

 September 2019 was a perfect time to visit the UK.
The day I went to Stonehenge, England, it was the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. A frosty autumn moon shone down upon travelers who walked around the windy grounds of Stonehenge, and instantly felt the energy from the universe...
 The ancient stones of Stonehenge. Gift from master sculptors of a bygone era. 
 The Avon river flows under the Pulteney Bridge through the old Roman town of Bath. Bath is one of the most elegant old towns in the UK. Known for its Georgian architectural style.
 British Museum ~Discover two million years of past and human culture.
My favorite exhibit: Dunghuang Frescoes from the Chinese Buddhist Mogao Grottos.
 British Museum ~ Chinese Collection, 2019, London, UK. Guanyin wood craving
  British Museum ~ Chinese Collection, 2019, London, UK. Guanyin wood carving
 British Museum-Egypt Collection,2019. London, England ... Most of the mysterious Egyptian art is related to religion and eternal life.
 Fresco from Egypt
 Fresco from Egypt
 The "Treasure of the Town Hall"  is the Rosetta stone, which was made in AD.  before 196, the inscription on the monument was written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian cursive script and ancient Greek, and was used by the ancient king of Ptolemy V. The modern archeologists have the opportunity to compare the various language versions.  After the content, the meaning and structure of Egyptian hieroglyphs that have been lost for more than a thousand years are interpreted.
British Museum ~ Europe Collection~ 2019, London, England ... European art will always be my source of inspiration.
National Gallery of Great Britain-London 2019. So excited to enjoy these master's paintings myself that I have longtime loved.
Dutch Portrait
 "The Toilet of Venus" by Diego Velázquez at the National Museum, UK
 "Venus and Mars" (detail) by Sandro Botticelli
 Van Gogh
In London with my good friend. We are like two new students in front of a palace of art.
In London with my good friend. The National Museum in the background
 Van Gogh
 On a London street
 Enjoyed traditional English afternoon tea on a sunny and warm day in London.
Cambridge Phantom ~ London, UK 2019. Knowing Cambridge started from Xu Zhimo's "Farewell to Cambridge" ~ "I walked away quietly, just as I came quietly; I waved my sleeves and did not take away a cloud."  I was looking to discover the poet Kangqiao and came to here,  didn't meet Kangqiao, but met a woman performing a bubble blowing at King's College.  In the psychedelic style she plays, the ordinary blowing bubbles bring emotions and stories. They gather like spirits in front of Cambridge's elegant buildings, and change into a dreamlike Cambridge...
 More dreamlike, magical bubbles
 Harry Potter type street in Cambridge
 Regent street in London
 Beautiful sunset at Westminster
 Sunset in France ~ 2019, return to the United States from France, stop at Mont St Michel on the way, a perfect sunset evening: walk with sheep, watch the sea with seagulls, failed to wait until the tide rose  Parting and looking back, the entire sacred mountain looks like a sacred being practicing ... tranquility, concentration, and energy flow ...
Relaxing for a moment with Mont St. Michel behind me.
 We shared our walk in the peaceful French countryside with these handsome sheep.
 Daytime at the ancient St. Michel when the tide is out
Amazing and unforgettable sunset at Mont St. Michel. These scene makes for a wonderful end to our European cultural journey 2019

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  1. Interesting blog, it reminds me of Alexander Calder Exhibition in Paris. He cleverly constructed three-dimensional art works using wires which give impression of ‘drawings in space’.
    I tried to write a blog about it, hope you also like it in


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