Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Foshan, Guangdong China 2012

 I was born in China, in the city of Foshan. Up until the 2003 I lived there with my family before coming to American. Foshan, also called "Zen", has a long history of over 1300 years; she gained her present name when local villagers dug out of Tapogang mound, 3 bronze Buddha statues left by Indian monks. Foshan is a famous historical and cultural city, known as one of the "four renowned towns" from olden times in China. She is a place full of colorful, fantastic forms, textures and buildings.
Foshan Ancestor Temple with a long history can be traced back the North Song Dynasty(1078-1085). It is one of the main cultural relics of Guangdong province as well as one of the most famous tourist sites in Guangdong.
Zumiao Temple is an example of the famous foundry and potting handicraft industry in Foshan history. The refinement and beauty of its architecture reflected of the prosperity of ancient Foshan. Indeed, it is a precious historical heritage of Foshan. Therefore, Ancestor Temple is granted the reputation of "Oriental Art's Palace" by visiting foreign friends.
It is dedicated to Beidi (Northern Emperor), the Northern God, who is said to have power over the waters of Guangdong, so the temple also known as "Northern Emperor Temple". It is the first temple in Foshan.
 Zumiao Temple
Zumiao Temple prayer writings
The original buildings of the temple were burnt down in the late Yuan Dynasty and reconstructed in the fifth year of Hongwu Period, Ming Dynasty (1372). Owing to its long history, Chinese called it Zumiao temple.
Zumiao Temple lucky tree
Zumiao Temple carved stone garden
Zumiao Temple with wonderful old bonsai
Zumiao Temple, every building is like a piece of ancient artwork. 
Zumiao Temple with many amazing stone carvings on the Torii gate.
Zumiao Temple
Zumiao Temple, toss a coin for good fortune. Turtles represent long life. 
Another old garden in Foshan called Liang Garden with painted pillars and carved beams of a magnificent building,
Liang Garden
Liang Garden, a wonderful carved stone bench My father's ancestral village, Longchuan, Guangdong Provence. There is a sense of tranquility in this old village, it is just like the Oriental Ink Painting, possessing a beauty that transcends time.
A mystical tower in the village
From the old well you can see my father's ancestral home.
The ancestral home of my family
The ancestral home of my family, back yard view of the garden
The ancestral home of my family
The ancestral home of my family
The ancestral home of my family
Distant relatives
Harmony in Nature
What a fresh and natural world.
Harmony in Nature
Hometown village people
Hometown village people
Hometown village people
Hometown children

A remembrance from Cultural revolution in the sixties. Now faded and passing as the new China emerges from it's dark past.


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