Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trip to China 2010

Water village in China called Hujin
From my home town of Foshan, in Guangdong Province. Southerly ancient stove, Shek Wan, contains five thousand years of ceramic culture known to the world. Masanori southerly ancient stove behalf of the Ming period (1506-1521), Five hundred years to date the kiln fire is not been extinguished, the production continued, well preserved, China and the world's oldest and best preserved and continued by far the most ancient dragon kiln use
southerly ancient stove
Foshan Ancestral Temple
It is dedicated to the Taoist thrall to the Great Northern Tien Temple, built in AD 1078. 
Water Village near ShangHai
  Shanghai Expo 2010
Shanghai Expo 2010
Chinese water garden
Water Village near ShangHai
Water Village near ShangHai
Unusual Artist overcoming adversity

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