Saturday, December 31, 2011

Charleston Harbour

After the storm

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the oldest English colonies in the New World with a rich and colorful history. Charleston has played an important role over the last 3 centuries as a vital location for the import and export of all manner of goods, including the trade of human slaves.  The harbor at Charleston is one of the finest in the world. Today, many of the fine old buildings still remain in the French quarter. Charleston is a favorite location of many Plein Air painters for the rich culture on the coast, the abundant wildlife, fantastic colors along the shoreline and tidal marshes.
We arrived in Charleston during the tail end of an ocean storm.  I really like the picture above from after the storm. It reminds me of old times and raw history and leaves me with a real emotion for life.
After the storm
River side
 Sunrise at Charleston harbor
 Morris Island Lighthouse, built 1873
 A surreal island
A wonderful sunrise made the harbor become a mystical place.
Mount Pleasant marina
Mount Pleasant marina
Mount Pleasant marina

An amazing day in such a cool place!
All photos by Shijun and Charles Munns November 28-30 

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