Monday, January 30, 2012

My Spiritual Garden

 "Garden II" Oil on canvas 2009

I have been painting garden themes for many years. I enjoy my time in my home garden: flowers, grass, trees and sky, have become fresh and vivid, everything seems to be more than the vibration of the universe filled with energy every day when I am watching and painting in my garden, which is when I gain new insight and inspiration in life again...

 January------Snow Flower
 March-----Crocuses pocking up through the snow
April-------I painted "Celebration II" in 2009, oil on linen
 My front garden
 May----Azalea & various wild flowers
 June-----My zen garden
 July--late blooming iris, one of my favorite flowers
The king size day lilies show off
 August---sunflower, another favorite
 September--- in my art studio
 October---"Starlight" oil on linen 2009
 Vegetables from my little organic garden
 December---"Celebration" by Shijun, oil/mixed media on wood panel 2009

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