Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Amazing cultural trip to NYC and Washington, D.C. 2015

National Gallery, Wash., DC 
I with my family had a great trip to NYC, Boston and Washington, DC this past summer. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Painting by Rousseau at the MOMA NYC
Andy Warhol at the MOMA NYC
 Times Square, NYC
 The Metro at Times Square, NYC
 International children, NYC
 The subway, NYC
 Grand Central Station, NYC
 Grand Central Station, NYC
 Sunset view on top of Rockefeller Center, NYC
  Night view from top of Rockefeller Center, NYC
 Wall St., NYC
 View of NYC from Brooklyn Bridge
Yale Univ. campus, New Haven, CT
Harvard Univ. Gate, Boston, MA
 MIT, Boston, MA
 Washington Memorial, Washington, DC
 National Gallery of Art, Wash., DC
 Fresh catch from Boston Harbor, MA


  1. Innovation have a very huge influence on this place, Nyc and Washington has now grown into interesting places for visit


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