Thursday, February 7, 2019

European Art Diary 2018

Someone went to a city to enjoy a painting. I went to a country just for one person... I didn’t go to his museum to see his paintings. I have his art already engraved in my heart. The night is listening to the distant bells on the water network canal. With the wind blowing, I recall that he has also heard the same voice, and I am sensing a kind of inexplicable feeling in the heart... Holland, the home of Van Gogh.
 Amsterdam at night 2018
Amsterdam, a city of humanity and friendship, when you come to here you will understand why a small town will have great artists like Van Gogh and Jan Vermeer, who painted the “Girl with  a Pearl Earring", two different centuries, two completely different artistic styles, but also attached to some kind of pursuit, although Van Gogh's paintings and life have been hotly debated for a long time, undoubtedly, his biography "The Life" has ignited the hearts of countless young artists in the 1980s... After reading this book under the stars of the South of China, his relentless pursuit of spiritual life has so touched me.
 Bicycle on the canal under starlight 2018
Windmills at Zaandam, Holland 2018
 Meeting an Amsterdam artist in Zaandam, Holland 2018
 Voledam and Marken: Peace, beauty and good food on the Dutch coast. The road along the sea is packed with small restaurants and street-food stalls that celebrate the local food: its strategic location and its characteristic architecture became a favorite destination for many artists, so much so that even Picasso and Renoir spent their holidays here.
Leaving the Netherlands, we flew to France. This peaceful land is inextricably linked to the Netherlands, even in the old windmills.
Paris...Musée de l'Orangerie~ Watching Monet's large-scale water lily, every time there will be a feeling of being blessed...
Musée de l'Orangerie

 Louvre... (France: Musée du Louvre) Many works have been seen countless times (printed matter), some paintings have been studied, or are inspired by the brilliance of humanity emanating from the original, this is probably art.
The power of it; visit the central square of the Louvre on the night of departure, see the sharp lines of the pyramid magically connected with the surrounding classical buildings, as if quietly describing the meaning of "tolerance"...(Painting by Delacroix)
At the Louvre

Paris...Walking into the world of Klimt~ A feast of light, color, music and digital images that is most anticipated in 2018.
More from the world of Klimt
Notre Dame de Paris in the sunset. 2018
Versailles garden.2018
Versailles garden.2018
Charlie at Louvre
Talmont-sur-Gironde on the west coast of France. Heavy stones and buildings have experienced vicissitudes of life, and for a long time, they have supported the heavy civilization of the nation of France...
Talmont-sur-Gironde on the west coast of France
Old church in the western France, near the coast.
La Rochelle...west coast of France

France 2018... wine country St-Emilion, a 700-year-old town in the Bordeaux region, is a famous French wine region and a world heritage town; the summer is deep into the underground kiln but cool, criss-crossing There are hidden wines of all ages in the squat channel... the fading relief and the goddess of worship... The traditional French winemaking ritual is awe-inspiring... In this era of quick success, the elegance of French cinema, French art The creativity, the metaphorical meaning of French novels, and even a long-standing attitude of French red wine, All reminiscent...
Chateau at Leoville, the Bourdeau wine region of France
Near to Talmont-sur-Gironde on the west coast of France.
We really were lucky to have a good friend with a renovated old farm house in the south of France. We had an amazing summertime to enjoy the beautiful French nature. Chez Chagnard, Leoville, France.
It;s party time at Chez Chagnard, Leoville, France.
Paris...left bank...There are countless left banks in the world, only the left bank of the Seine is famous in the world; for centuries, the familiar writers Duras, Coronation, Sartre, Kingsburg, Hemingway, Fitzgerald Rade, The painter Picasso and various artists have been lingering in the left bank and various cafes... When we arrived Paris, we met the annual music festival, the entire left bank of Paris and each of the cafés on the corners of the street are full of music, and we naturally participate in it. It's fortunate that together with the people of various cultural backgrounds, celebrate the left side of the Paris and the Seine River. With a valuable history, precious creations and the beliefs of countless people, and the commonality of human emotions that have broken through time.

Compared with the prosperous Paris, I love the vast rural areas of France too. When our car slowly enters the peaceful land, the mood is like being blessed: the undulating fields are picturesque, the sunrise and sunset, and flowers growing, and the roads are gone. People, when they meet each other, "Bonjour" (hello), remind me of the French oil painting "night prayer" that has been forgotten for a long time...just say goodbye, appreciate the rich folk customs in the French countryside, on the French wilderness. The beautiful memories of sunrise and sunset, so forever stay in the rocking chair of the open backyard of French friends.

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