Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inman Park Art Festival 2013

"Yesterday and Today" Oil & Mixed Media on canvas, 18x18, 2013 (C) Shijun Munns.Sold at the Inman Park Festival.
Inman Park Art Festival 2013
 She loves her room at home because of her Shijun Mermaid collection!
 My dear friend and photographer Teresa with her new painting "Yesterday and Today" to add to her collection.
 A young artist couple from San Francisco with one of my wood cats.
My artwork at Inman Park Festival
 Inman Park parade 2013
  Inman Park parade 2013
  Inman Park parade 2013 ---- good face painting
 Inman Park parade 2013---man on stilts
  Inman Park parade 2013--- monsters
  Inman Park parade 2013---roller derby girls
 Inman Park parade 2013---monocyclist
 Inman Park parade 2013---snake lady and sword swallower
  Inman Park parade 2013---Lion Dance
 Inman Park parade 2013---The Butterfly is Inman Parks symbol. 
 Bronze man
  Inman Park parade 2013---Spectators
 Inman Park neighborhood party
  Inman Park neighborhood
 Inman Park neighborhood party

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