Monday, May 13, 2013

CFUM Festival of Arts 2013

 "Eve's Orchard" oil on canvas 30x30 2012. I am most honored that my painting has been chosen to be part of Cumming First United Methodist Church permanent collection of art. It is currently hanging in the vestibule outside the main chapel. CFUM plays an important role in supporting various youth art groups in their area. I am most pleased to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from my sales to CFUM to help them in their quest to further the local Arts.
 My painting on the artist's and patron's reception day.
 My other painting at the Festival, "Mystical Garden" (top) oil on canvas 24x24, 2013
"Shellin' Peas" (bottom) acrylic by Jocelyn Hairston
 Some other artist's works at the Festival
 "Mountain Meadow" by Kathy Alles, oil on canvas, 20x24
Student Art- "Steampunk Owl" by Ashley Nickerson, painting, grade 11
 Student Art
Student Art-"Luxurious Fantasy" by Helen Im, drawing, grade 10
Student Art-"Longing" by Parker McBain, ink, grade 11
 Student Art-"A Pair" by Jenny Suh, paint on paper, grade 7
Student Art-"Remembering" by Kristain Fields, graphite and charcoal, grade 8
 Student Art-"Fall Harvest" by Taryn Reece, watercolor pencil, grade 4
Student Art- "The Dragon Vase" by Connor Wood, oil pastel, gesso, charcoal, grade 3
Student Art-"Rashomon Theater Poster" by Jeff Evans, computer graphic design, grade 11
Student Art- "Iguana" by Averi Lewis, digital print, grade 10
Student Art-"Silent Thing" by Delaney Hilton, scratch board, grade 9

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