Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amazing White Product for Home Design

 In April 2013 I went to the International Coverings show at the Atlanta World Trade Center. Here are some photos from one of my friends company, Golden Maple Jade Co., ltd. from Foshan, China.
 Golden Maple Jade produces a jade-like glass with a wide variety of exterior and interior uses. 
 Outdoor patio and building
Environmentally friendly, good for flooring, walls and fireplaces.
 Elegance and beauty
 Amazing white table and basket.It has good anti-stain effect.
 Modern kitchen tops and artistic cut tree design.
 Clean and neat kitchen island
 Counter tops
 Interior clean, modern design with the look of marble.  
My friend Cathrine from Golden Maple Jade

I think this brand new product will be a world leader in businesses and homes throughout the world in the coming years. This product was developed by Golden Maple Jade. Stone feature with a compact inner structure. High surface hardness with high whiteness. Best white stone for flooring. For more information you are welcome to check here:

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